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Monday, September 7, 2009

One week LEFT!!!

I dont know how to say..but, this morning i feel like bad..seriously,i feel like i want to cry.. i juz have another 6 days to live in malaysia..then, i will go to zagazig university.. yesterday i went to KL with my family..we went to Kedai buku Kamal.. to buy some medicine books..One of the professor told us to buy Human Physiolgy Book created by Stuart Fox.haiya..its so expensive n so heavy..then we went to MIDVALLEY..our mother bought some table runner and some shoes for hari raya.. my mum bought me 2 pairs os shoes. 1 is a lady boots. we bought it at Clerks Store. and another one is Power branded. my sisters bought their favourite childish shoes that was BUBBLE GOOMERS. poor of my brother, his shoes is not yet to buy because its out of STOCKs!! after that, my mum went to Bonia Store.She bought a new handbag..haiya..

Curtain Stall

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then, at 3.oo pm we singgah2 at our condo in Serdang. and we went to Mydin Melaka to buy house groceries. and my mum bought me many rempah ratus!!ous senior said we must bring along many kinds of malaysian foods at zagazig bcause there were no KICAP,CHILLI SAUCE, and everything yang we like and can get here in Malaysia. so, they adviced us to bring 1 box contains of foods.

on my way home

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