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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Huu.. im so shocked today!! U know wut.. when I was chatting at yahoo messenger, my sister also online. She used the status of ‘ Dr pantai’ . and it made me wanted to ask her why.. then she replied me. She said that ‘ hospital pantai’. And I still wonder about her answered. And I asked her back ‘why?’. Then finally she said, my mum was sent to that hospital. She got problem with her Omentum. That part is xtually at our intestine. Her Omentum was twisted and so she finally always got stomachache.. well, second time I did vdeo called with her, my mum’s face was exciting and I don’t see any painful face.. I know she got stomachache before that day..itupun my dad told mum nie.. its serious but she forced herself not to show it to others…she’s a tough woman.

People maybe thought im not worry bout her..especially my housemates..huuu..but xtually, I was crying juz now.. and I prayed to ALLAH to give a good health for my mum..then..suddenly,when im praying subuh,my mum call me..huuu..rasa nk nangis je lagi..but, I tried not to showed it..huhu..she said that, she’s ok and yada yada yada….. but the most funniest thing that she said’ I will kurus after this cause I cant eat a lot and my appendix was removed’ .. huhu.. terkejutla keyra after this if im going back Malaysia and I will see my mum ‘KURUS’!!! WARGH….nk potong appendix gak la,,, hahahahaha!!haiya..thats human attitude.. never bersyukur to ALLAH…no lar.. im juzz kiddin’..

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  1. wooo.. kesian.
    tp biasanya pompuan ni tough gak ar
    muke ok tp sakit tuhan je yang tau

    hargai la dia slagi masih ada


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