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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fever Exam?

FEVER EXAM!! 20-23 FEBRUARY 2011 MidYear Exam.. ARE YOU READY ?? hohoho..

Dulu kecik2 mak yg teman kita bace buku..


kita bace sndri..huhu..

Anatomy 20/2/2011 - 1st subject

Things that i need to memorize in this subject

banyak gila kot!!erghh... Questions are including MCQ + Short Notes

OMG!I have start to study...But,when I try to do some exercises,I realized I dunno anything...=( How weird is that??! Im sure Im quite understand what the notes says.Maybe my memory power is a problem for me....=.=' !!!
Lately, I have noted somebody who havent even start to study b4,starts to study now...some dun even know what is the range of exam...Some,especially friends in my class were studying like crazy ,like the exam is tomorrow.(siapalah tu?)But,since it is actually 3 weeks more,CHILLAX...!!!hohoho

belum lg midyear,tapi we all dh dpt tahu date Final Exam egyptians students

Paling x boleh blah date 8MAY tuhla.. My Birthday hoiii...warghhh!!sedih giler..this year smbut bday dalam exam agie.wuwuwuwuuw ='(

xpe2..chiayo keyra!u can do it!exam pun exam lar..Hopefully Nur Syakira bt Mohd Jalil and her friends get Success & Pass all subjects in this 2nd year.Ameen Ya Rabb.. =/

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